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St Margaret's Primary & Farsley Community Church
1st, 2nd & 6th September
£22 per day. 10% Sibling discount applies.
Reception - Y3.


Let's get back to learning!

Our Clubs

All language learning is play based - 

Spanish playground games, nature craft, favourite stories, music, movement & FUN, FUN, FUN!

Spanish & French available

  • Pre-school classes 

  • After School Clubs

  • Whole school teaching (primary)

  • On-line small group sessions

  • Weekly sessions at nurseries

Brand new lesson content!

Trial sessions available!


"Learning with Smartypants has improved my little one's concentration so much"!

"Chloe loves learning Spanish and now greets the neighbours with an 'Hola'"! 

"Luca ordered for us at the cafe on holiday - his grandma was SO impressed"! :)

"Elsie looks forward to Mondays every week as she can't wait to see Spanish Cath"! (the teacher)!

"We missed Smartypants so much during lockdown - can't wait to get back this term"! 


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